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The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland is one of 13 UK Breed Clubs, as the name suggests we are the only Golden Retriever Club representing Scotland. Scotland is the ancestral home of the Golden Retriever, and the club is delighted to have members from all of Scotland, the UK and Overseas.

Founded in 1946, the primary object of the Club is to encourage the breeding and type of Golden Retriever as laid down in the Breed Standard, along with promoting the working aspect of the Breed.


The Club is formed by members who have the well-being, passion and interest of all Golden Retrievers constantly at heart. With a growing list of over 600 members, from both the UK and overseas, we welcome new members to the Club.

The Club is run by office bearers, various committees and sub-committees, by members who devote a great deal of their time and experience in maintaining and developing the club through various activities and promote the inherent qualities of the Golden Retriever.

The Show sub-committee examines the classification offered at shows and endeavours to ensure that adequate classes are provided so that a general representation of the breed can have the opportunity of going forward. In the Championship and Open Shows run annually, the Club offers a variety of competition levels for all exhibitors.

The Club has an active Working Field Trial section to ensure the working ability of the Golden Retriever is highlighted and promoted. The Club runs a working test, 3 Trials annually, one of which is restricted to Golden Retrievers only – Breed Stake. By promoting the working aspect of the Breed, the Club can offer a platform for working Golden Retrievers to compete on to achieve Field Trial Winning/Championship status.

The Club also runs a Puppy Line to offer prospective owners help, support and advice in selecting a healthy happy puppy. There is also a Rescue element to the Club.

If you are considering a Golden Retriever Puppy, please read the Buying a Puppy section of our website and in particular – the Buying a Puppy – Covid 19 page.   It is a sad reflection of the times that people can claim to be breeders and deliberately set out to scam unsuspecting families out of a considerable amount of money, and then disappear into the night with no puppies at all. Or indeed they have bred a litter – usually with no health checks and can take advantage of the shortage of good quality puppies to charge exorbitant prices. Please don’t be fooled – seek advice if you are unsure.

By browsing our  website you will find news on our objectives and activities, and find help and advice on many aspects of our fabulous Breed. Information on activities, events can all be easily found.

The Golden Retriever has a very happy, cheerful disposition with a versatility to enjoy many different activities. The Club offers guidance and encouragement to promote breed standard appearance, temperament, soundness and a natural hunting and retrieving ability. GRCS is dedicated to the responsible breeding and ownership of the Golden Retriever. The Club takes all opportunity to advance knowledge and to protect the interest of the breed through this website, events, educational activities and social fun days.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the Committee Members should you need advice with regard to any aspect of being owned by a Golden Retriever!