Golden Retriever Club Of Scotland



It was an honour to be invited to judge this show. As a non-breed specialist, it is so important to have the opportunity to go over excellent examples of the breed.

Unless we have the chance to judge good dogs, how can we ever appreciate the finer points of a breed and subsequently progress?

I congratulate the club on its excellent organisation, efficient stewards and first-class venue. The exhibitors were very sporting, and I appreciated their kind applause of class winners. I felt the bitch lineup could well have graced any championship show; the quality was so high. Judging has to be a balance between head and heart if it is to be enjoyable.

VD (4): Lovely class to start the day 1 Grays Knockothie Fairway – This dog has excellent overall construction & sound movement, really excels over the neck and shoulders, masculine chiselled head with correct length & depth of muzzle, strong, firm top line with ribs deep and well sprung, strong quarters, moved out well. 2 Finnies Thistlehill Country Chiel – I believe he is the son of my winner; he looks so good in profile, well-balanced outline, has a kind head and expression, good clean, muscular neck, a strong top-line, which he holds well on the move, excellent bone and substance, lovely dog with quality stamped all through, just preferred the free stride of the winner on the day.

MPD 1 Burns Glenrioch Captain Burns – 6-month-old with lovely balance, really liked his head and expression, good length & depth of muzzle, is well angulated in front with firm topline & good tail set, strong quarters with good width in second thigh, liked his attitude, took everything in his stride.

PD (4) 1 McDonalds Lamancha Time Traveller – I really liked this youngster; I feel that this one has so much potential; he just needs to mature and fill his frame. He has such a lovely head, masculine with a kind expression, shoulders well laid back, and firm topline. He has correct angulation over the quarters, is balanced in outline and on the move, has excellent feet, has many qualities you want in a young dog, and was perfectly handled. 2 Greigs Steval Aglow With Cranngary – nicely made youngster, his overall construction is very good, balanced head, just right for his age, clean solid neck with excellent topline with he held well on the move, preferred the lay of shoulder of one, he has good bone and substance, a lovely dog to go over, a good sound mover with lots to like about him 3 McDonalds Lamancha Take A Chance

JD (6) 1 Greigs Steval Aglow With Cranngary 2 Mcaleeses Toseland Rolls Royce – well-balanced outline on this young dog, head is kind and masculine albeit a bit broader in skull than would be my ideal; I thought he was in excellent condition and well presented, strong over the neck with level topline, good pasterns and feet, in full coat, moved and handled to advantage 3 Taits Strathlon Here I Come

SYD (3) 1 Laws Sandti Back Of The Net – I just loved this young dog; he really stole my heart; his overall balance and construction are excellent; very kind, expressive eyes and he has a good balance between skull and muzzle; his ears are correctly set, and he is strong and clean over the neck & shoulders, well sprung in ribs, elbows close fitting and he has excellent feet and pasterns, good second thigh and well-bent stifles, his hocks are well let down, he held his topline well on the move, sound free stride, perhaps his handler lacked a bit of experience in presentation, but I was able to see all I needed to, carrying an excellent coat, no exaggeration, just a lovely young Golden 2 Pratts Rosyth Celtic LorD – such a kind head with a well-defined stop on this young dog, clean, strong neck, enough strength in quarters to keep him looking balanced in profile, not quite the shoulders or outline of one, but there is a great deal to like about this fellow, moved well both in front and behind.

MD (1) 1 Cordiners Willowlawn One Vision – this boy has a very kind expression, a well-balanced head, short coupled, well set on neck, good bone, lovely compact feet & strong pasterns, is well developed in quarters with short hocks, firm top line, sound mover ND (6) 1 Laws Sandti Back Of The Net 2 McDonalds Lamancha Time Traveller 3 Cordiners Willowlawn One Vision UGD (4) 1 Laws Sandti Back Of The Net 2 Cordiners Willowlawn One Vision 3 Fyfes Bluebraes Highland Fling

GD (3) 1 Boltons Megarvey Still Game For Shiresmill (JW) A lovely type with a glorious colour to his coat, a beautiful head well chiselled and correct length of muzzle giving his head balance, excellent feet and pasterns, has depth through the heart and well-sprung ribs, excellent topline, maybe a shade long in loin but this allows him to move with a positive long free stride. Nice dog. 2 Walliss Lamancha Roll On The Good Times – another I liked very much; he has such a lovely balanced outline, a charming head with the correct length of muzzle giving his head balance, good eye and kind expression, he is well constructed from nose to tail, good sized dog, masculine but not overdone in any way, moving sound with good rear drive, lovely dog 3 Pratts Rosyth Keltic Lord

PGD (5) Strong class 1 Littles King Of Swing Qdore Of Labgold To Bluebraes (Imp Pol), such a lovely dog, strong masculine head with good pigmentation, has lovely balance, excellent feet bone & substance, strong & muscular quarters with a good turn of stifle and wide of second thigh, sound on the move. Presented so very well. 2 Salters Rathcloon Safe And Sound – Nicely put together, pale golden, dark eye and pigment, soft expression, Balanced outline, soft expression, good reach of neck, level topline. Well bodied. Good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. 3 McAleeseâ Sheriffmuir Glorious Lad At Glormhorcu

LD (1) 1 Wallis Blue Gemstone Katrina At Camellis – good outline on this boy; he has a kind masculine head with a clean reach of neck, decent front assembly and good overall body proportions, his quarters well made with a good bend of stifle. Coat was in good condition; his movement was sound and positive.

OD (7) 1 Clarksons Drumkilty Quest For Stardom (Re-Imp) Pale gold with good pigmentation. Masculine head but not overdone. He has a strong neck with well-laid-back shoulders, complimenting his rear quarters. Level topline and tailset. Deep through the chest. Moved effortlessly, covering the ground, lovely dog. 2 Boltons Dantassie Golden Gun For Shiresmill (JW) – Very balanced mid-gold dog, lovely kind head, good pigmentation, kind eye, well off for bone, excellent coat, topline and tail set, strong quarters, he carries a level topline on the move, perhaps slopes a little when stacked, lovely moving dog. 3 Grays Moloko Cookie Monster At Knockothie

Margaret Brown

GRCS Bitches

VB (10) A lovely class of Veteran bitches; such a close decision between the first two 1 Browns Fenpinque Glitterspelle – beautiful pale bitch, very eye-catching, superb type and construction, strong but so very feminine with a lovely balanced outline, in full coat, well-laid shoulders and good bone, short coupled with well-angulated rear, moved up the mat freely and with style. 2 Williamsons Thornywait Atomic Betty For Sandti – lovely outline on this bitch; she has a beautiful feminine head, well constructed throughout, with excellent coat & tail. I liked her size and bone and substance, just right for weight & in fine condition on the day; she moved out well, mother of my BD 3 McCormacks Fyngalee Piquet (JW) (ShCM) MPB (6) 1 Harpers Tullochmohr Ray Of Sunshine At Glynerva – adorable puppy, very eye-catching, sweet head, good neck and shoulders, well-made body for age, perfect tail and quarters, showed and moved well, well presented, has such promise. 2 Laidlaw Good Terra Di Siena Lay Lady Lay At Fhairmhor (Imp Esp) pretty bitch, has lots to like about her, feminine head with well enough defined stop, kind eye, good topline and well let down hocks. 3 Gradys Glenrioch Lily Savage

PB (7) 1 Lochheads Kaylaton Heidi WeisS – liked this mid-gold bitch for her excellent overall balance, feminine head, clean reach of neck, good topline and tail set, good width in first and second thigh, well let down hocks, handled exceptionally well, allowing her to show to advantage, nothing is exaggerated, stylish, confident mover 2 Harpers Tullochmohr Ray Of Sunshine At Glynerva 3 Mcdonalds Lamancha Tango

JB (9) 1 Clarksons Drumkilty Yours Truly 14-month-old, well-presented bitch, lovely feminine head with correct stop and length of muzzle to head proportions, still very young but has a great presence, soft expression, good length of neck, correct layback of shoulders, patterns could be a little stronger, yet so sound and stylish on the move, won a lovely class of bitches. 2 Lochheads Kaylaton Heidi Weiss 3 Mccormacks Fylngalee Busy Boo

SYB (9) 1 Harpers Tullochmohr Shooting Star At Glynerva (JW) – such a lovely bitch,; she is of such lovely construction, sweet pretty head with an appealing expression; she is of beautiful quality and is handled so very well to get the best from her, she has the correct amount of bone and substance for her size and frame, strong and clean over the neck and shoulders, excellent topline and tail, in good coat and a sound free mover. 2 Sneddons Kadaka Koral pretty bitch with a good topline and lay of shoulder, lovely outline, kindest of heads, and very feminine; excellent pigmentation, moved well with good reach just needs time. 3 Bells Hoaaloha Kealoha (JW)

MB (5) 1 Lochheads Kaylaton Heidi Weiss 2 Ponfrods Donsudale Molly Malone, a nicely put together puppy, a sound and happy mover with a classically feminine head and lovely expressive eye, attractive outline, lots of like about her, just needs time. 3 Cowpers Mulfield Moonlit Sky Over Garmoran

NB (6) 1 McDonalds Lamancha Tango such a lovely head and expression, excellent bone and feet, well balanced in body with good angulation front and rear; I liked her length of leg and stylish movement, although she stood 3rd in a strong puppy class; she has lots of potential for the future, good reach from the front with drive from behind, showed a good length of stride in profile. 2 McCormacks Flyngalee Busy Boo 14-month-old mid-gold bitch, very attractive head with good pigmentation, stood 3rd in a strong Junior class, she has a first-class topline, excellent feet and pasterns, well-constructed and a sound, easy stride. 3 Saundersons Moloko Izipizi At Crobeag

UGB (3) 1 McCormack’s Flyngalee Busy Boo 2 Finnies Thistleyhill Elderflower – lovely dark gold bitch with very good overall conformation, excellent outline, she has a lovely head and expression, could perhaps have stronger pasterns, first class topline, moved out soundly. 3 Pratts Rosyth Kinda Magic

GB (9) 1 Carltons Fhairmhor Moonlight Sonata At Thistlegate quality bitch with a lovely feminine head; she has an excellent outline, firm, strong topline, well-sprung rib and is deep through the heart, well-bent stifles, well set on tail which she carries level with her back, excellent coat and is a strong mover with good drive behind. 2 Hill & Smiths Megarvey Deja Vu (JW) – close decision between these first two; this is a lovely headed bitch so very feminine, strong clean neck with well-placed shoulders, long in blade, short coupled with well-sprung ribs of good length, just preferred the tail carriage of one. 3 Purdies Dunnybrae Tickety Boo

PGB (6) 1 Dunbar Linirgor Nine To Five – top quality bitch, she is of beautiful type and presented so very well, she has a pretty feminine head, is well balanced with a clean outline, clean, muscular neck, strong, firm topline and well-placed shoulders, she is strong over the quarters, and she uses these to advantage on the move, well-bent stifles, a classy bitch and one with great promise, just felt was not carrying her best coat today 2 Lochheads Bluebraes Meadow Pipit – charming bitch with such a delightful temperament, beautiful head and expression, well balanced, in good condition and coat, strong, firm quarters with good width in second thigh, a darling of a bitch 3 McDonalds Lamancha Obsidian Flame LB (10) 1 Hill & Smiths Megarvey Clementine (JW) – I loved the overall balance of this bitch; beautiful type, so very feminine, beautiful in outline, has everything that you would want, strong, clean neck, good depth of fore chest, nice feet and pasterns, the topline is first class good strong quarters, an excellent coat, so presented very well, sound movement, stylish mover. 2 Thomsons Clannorach Dreams Come True is a nicely balanced bitch with a kind, feminine head of correct proportions, a good clean neck with well-placed shoulders, loin is strong and muscular, moved and handled well. 3 Browns Leynock Gold Card

OB (9) 1 Palmers & Whites Linirgor Perfect Symphony Of Cairnglen – classy bitch, kind, feminine head and expression, strong over the neck with a good layback of shoulders, deep through the brisket with excellent barrel ribs, short coupled without losing any length in the body, strong firm quarters, has a lovely shape when viewed in profile, has good length of leg to body proportions, moved soundly, I really liked her. 2 Thomsons Clannorach Sweet Dreams I liked this bitch for balance and type; such a pretty head feminine head with good length & depth of muzzle, clean, strong neck with long sloping shoulders, really excels in top line which just flows from the shoulders, has good length of rib but is short in couplings, so unlucky to meet one today, a lovely bitch. 3 McDonalds New Adventure (JW)

BRACE (6) 1 Hill & Smith 2 Purdie 3 Lochhead

Margaret Brown